by Sharon Braxton

In the year 1896, a small number of people living in the sawmill town of Pollock, Louisiana, felt the need for a Baptist Church where they could attend worship and bring their children to Sunday School. Thus, the Pollock Baptist Church was organized and incorporated for the purpose of erecting church buildings, Sunday School rooms, and other appropriate structures in which to worship God and carry on His work.

The first small frame building provided a place for worship and Sunday School until 1911 when it was destroyed by fire. The church was rebuilt as a wooden frame structure which served the community’s needs until 1950. The first W.M.U. was organized in 1914. These ladies have had a tremendous effect on the church. Their constant prayers, children’s mission groups, and monetary gifts to missions have led First Baptist Church Pollock through the years to be a mission-minded church.

During the pastorate of Rev. Moses Mercer, a building program was established in 1950. Additional land was secured from Rufus Walker, 1950, and Earl Harvey, 1955. In 1956, land was acquired from L.E. Willett and Lucy Willett Hernandez, and in 1965, additional land was made available by the Harvey heirs.

The two-story structure, erected in 1950, served for educational and worship services until a beautiful red, buff brick sanctuary was built in 1954. In 1958, a new pastorium was built. On Tuesday morning, March 1, 1960, fire again destroyed the church and educational buildings. With its finger pointing toward heaven, the hand on top of the steeple plunged to certain destruction as the fire engulfed the church. But by the providence of God, this hand, instead of falling into the fire, fell clear and still remains to give direction to weary souls. On Sunday, November 27, 1960, the first services were conducted in the present buildings.

During the summer and fall of 1979, the sanctuary was completely renovated. The educational facilities were modified and painted. External and internal painting of the educational facilities was completed in 1980. In 2019, the church again renovated the sanctuary including new pews, lighting, and redesign of the stage.

Through the years the church has been blessed with pastors and music ministers who have led a dedicated people to have faith in God while traveling the hills and valleys of life. Young people have gone out from the church into the world prepared to face challenges and proclaim their Christian faith. This is the evidence of what 127 years under God’s guidance has accomplished. May God continue to bless FBCP as He leads us into future years of service to Him!